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Sexual and Domestic Violence Needs Assessment in London
admin, 22-12-2015 12:59:30 PM

MBARC has been involved in the analysis of sexual violence and the development of appropriate service responses for a number of years. This includes a substantial body of work for MOPAC/NHS England in relation to services in London alongside work in other parts of the country. Through this work we have a significant understanding of the context in which this Needs Assessment is being commissioned. In particular: • The increase incidences of both domestic violence and sexual violence (in contrast to most other areas of reported crime). • ... more information

Improving Choices for Contraception through Training
admin, 16-12-2015 03:41:26 PM

A programme of awareness and training around LARC in 4 London Boroughs. ... more information

Warwickshire Public Health Needs Assessment for Sex Workers and Users of PSE
admin, 16-12-2015 03:23:04 PM

MBARC have been commissioned by Public Health Warwickshire to map and assess the health and sexual health needs of sex workers and those using Public Sex Environments (PSE). Previous research in Warwickshire have identified that off street sex workers and people using PSE sites require information and support relating to sexual health and wellbeing – in particular sexually transmitted infections including HIV. Whilst Warwickshire has a low prevalence of HIV across the county there are increased numbers in 3 of the 5 districts, and highest prevalence in Rugby borough. Rates of late HIV diagnosis (below 350 cells per mm3) have ... more information

Sexual Assault Services - A New Quality Agenda
admin, 07-03-2014 02:40:21 PM

Following on from MBARC’s support to NHS and Metropolitan Police commissioners on the reconfiguration of the London Havens sexual assault referral centres (SARC) and related work MBARC will be working with NHS England to look at longer term options for ensuring quality in sexual assault services. Since the successful reconfiguration of the Havens service and transfer of the provider role to a single contractor, Kings College NHS Foundation Trust, the number of victims of sexual assault using service have significantly increased. Within the context of NHS England’s “Securing Excellence” strategy for sexual assault services MBARC will be working with commissioners ... more information

Governance and Assurance
admin, 03-01-2014 03:20:56 PM

We work with organisations, around Accreditation for advice services as well as Quality Assurance for Information and Advice Providers in Scotland. Recently we have also been involved in the monitoring and evaluation of a number of NHS funded schemes as well as providing support to Local Authorities. We also offer a package of support services to commissioners and providers of social welfare legal and advice services. This includes a wide range of commissioning support services from needs assessments and service reviews to procurement support, performance management and service reconfigurations. ... more information

Policy and Strategy
admin, 03-01-2014 03:18:16 PM

Research and Consultancy have traditionally seen a very strong role in MBARC and we constantly seek to give evidence based solutions wherever we can. Monitoring and Evaluation always play a key role in the contracts that we manage and the research that we do. Informing policy for excluded groups can been seen in our recent work with Refugees and Migrants, Young People, Older People with HIV and the LGBT community. ... more information